NBA: Technology Is Essential For Basketball Expansion

The National Basketball Association (NBA) says technology and social media is helping the organisation spread its wings beyond North America and to recreate the arena experience for home viewers.

International expansion is a priority for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who was in London for a match between New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks at the O2, and said the sports industry had an advantage over other forms of entertainment because they’re best viewed live – making it difficult for viewers to skip adverts, and presumably turn to piracy.

However because most matches take place in the US or Canada, they are not particularly time-zone friendly to many markets, including the UK, making social engagement all the more important.



London 2012: The Olympic Park Is A British Triumph

Disneyland says that it is the place where dreams come true, but the last two weeks of London 2012 have proved that its claims are wrong – The Olympic Park in Stratford is. It is the dream of those who worked so hard to bring the Olympics back to London, the place where dreams of the participants are realised or shattered in an instant and it is the dream of spectators who want to witness history being made.

Even before the closing ceremony started on Sunday night, the discussion had turned towards what the legacy of these Olympics will be for the residents of London and the impact on participation levels on sport in this country.

That will be decided in the months and years to come, but despite the endless worries over cost and execution, one thing is clear – The Olympic Park is a significant achievement. Each facility is spectacular in its own way, even the temporary ones, and the Aquatics Centre and Veledrome are set to become iconic modern British sporting venues.

The centrepiece of course is the Olympic Stadium itself. While not as breathtaking as the Birds’ Nest in Beijing or even as effortlessly flash as Wembley, it is magnificent and should those who decide its fate stick to their guns, it should provide a lasting legacy for athletics in Britain.


London 2012: Google Doodle Sports Games

Google’s Doodles celebrate major national and global events, important anniversaries and remarkable people and the search giant showed off a number for London 2012.

Many were aesthetically pleasing sport themed variations of the famous Google logo, but during the second week of the Olympic Games, four interactive Doodle games were displayed on the iconic homepage.

Google has done this before and a Pac Man browser game designed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the iconic arcade title in May 2010 resulted in the loss of an estimated five million work hours in just three days.

Although no such figures have been revealed for the four Olympic Doodles have been revealed, its safe to say that they attracted at least a fraction of the attention.