Review: Motorsport Manager (iPhone/iPad)

Format: iPhone, iPad (version 1.0.2)

Developer: Christian West

My favourite Grand Prix of recent years was the 2011 Canadian GP. On the final lap of a rain-delayed race, Jenson Button forced an error from the dominant Sebastian Vettel to secure victory. It was a perfect example of all the variables, excitement and fine margins for error in motorsport.

In Motorsport Manager, you are given the chance to act as your own team principal and make the key strategic decisions that could allow one of your drivers to secure a last-lap triumph. Formula One is a famously technologically advanced sport, but there is no orgy of statistics here.

Like many of its contemporaries on mobile, the game is rapid-paced, simple and accessible, with seasons completed in a matter of hours rather than days.



Review: Retro Racing (iPhone/iPad)

Format: iPad (reviewed), iPhone

Developer: Mr Qwak

Version: 1.2

Anyone who has had the chance to play Codemasters’ rather brilliant F1 2011 will know just what the current generation of consoles can afford the racing genre.

Racing games have never been more realistic, but for all the damage models, physics engines and dynamic weather conditions, they lack the innocence and simplicity that makes Retro Racing so appealing.

A top down racer from the Micro Machines school of thought, Retro Racing is pure, unadulterated fun, even if it would benefit from being a little more fleshed out.


Review: Grand Prix Story (iPhone)

Format: iPhone (Reviewed), Android

Publisher: Kairosoft

Version: 1.0

For a re-release of a 15 year old Japanese PC game, the impact of Game Dev Story took many by surprise especially since only minimal improvements such as touchscreen controls were made to the original.

However it was perhaps the most addictive iPhone game of 2010 and Kairosoft capitalised on this success by releasing a number of its back catalogue. Hot on the heels of Hot Springs Story, Pocket Academy and Mega Mall Story, this latest management sim appeals to the most hardcore management enthusiasts of them all – sports fans.

Grand Prix Story manages to successfully implement the charm of the “Story” format and manages to replicate the addictiveness that made its predecessors so difficult to put down.


Replayed: Colin McRae Rally (PSone)

Lush hills of New Zealand

Format: PSone

Publisher: Codemasters

Released: 1998

Back in early 1998 two rally games were released for the original Playstation; Tommi Makinen Rally and Colin McRae Rally. Both games were endorsed by World Rally Champions but while the former was simple another arcade racer set on rally-type surfaces, the latter was a graphically stunning true rally simulator.

Boasting a full rally championship mode, superb graphics and realistic handling, Colin McRae Rally was one of the Playstation’s most important racing titles and it’s reassuring to learn that most of its qualities still feel as relevant as they did in 1998.

Despite being succeeded by the numerous sequels that it spawned, Colin McRae Rally is still a delight to play despite its archaic structure and dated visuals.