Review: OOTP Baseball 2014 (PC)


Format: PC

Developer: OOTP Developments

Last month, we took a look at iOOTP Baseball 2013, a portable baseball management simulator whose unrivalled depth and customisation options made it must have for fans of the sport.

We even suggested that non-baseball fans might enjoy so long as they enjoyed number crunching. If that doesn’t sound like you, then not only should you not buy OOTP Baseball 2014, then you should probably stop reading this review.

For everyone else, keep on reading because OOTP is much more detailed in every conceivable way, offering one of the most in-depth simulators around. It’s unmistakably niche, but is unapologetic for it, offering what can only be described as a baseball geek’s dream.



Why Doesn’t Sports Interactive Make Football Manager 1888?

Football Manager 1888 screenshot 4

Yesterday, Sports Interactive announced that they were releasing Football Manager 1888, a football management simulator based on the first ever Football League season of 1888-89. To anyone who bothered to check the date, it was obviously an April Fools prank, but you’ve got to hand it to SI – it was pretty convincing.

It posted an official looking product page on their website, displaying screenshots and alleged features of the game that they claimed would be released this summer. Members of the development team answered fooled fans’ Twitter queries with a straight face and even got the Football League to mention the game on its official account, stating that it was part of the League’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

Even eagle-eyed readers who realised that it was too good to be true said that they would be interested in such a game if it was ever released, so why doesn’t Sports Interactive make it?


Review: London 2012 (Playstation 3/Xbox 360/PC)

Format: Playstation 3 (Reviewed), Xbox 360, PC

Publisher: Sega

As the greatest year in British sporting history comes to an end, it is only inevitable that we begin reflecting on what has been a truly magnificent twelve months for sport in this country and the legacy of the biggest event of them all – The London 2012 Olympic Games.

The lasting impact of the Olympics is still being debated and determined, but its official video game might well have delivered a legacy of how developers treat multi-sport events in the future. It’s no classic, but it’s arguably the best attempt that anyone has made to create a game worthy of such a major license.

The emphasis of Sega’s effort is inevitably on the core Olympic sports of athletics and swimming, but diving, archery, shooting and gymnastics are also heavily featured. A number of other events such as table tennis, rowing, shooting, kayaking, weightlifting and women’s beach volleyball are also part of the package.


Top 5: ‘Other’ EA Sports Football Games

EA Sports’ FIFA series has set the standard for football games during the current generation, combining great visuals with engaging gameplay. The long-running franchise has equalled and even surpassed its great rival Konami, but EA hasn’t always stumbled upon the perfect formula.

The publishing giant has released a number of other football games over the years, either basing them around different licenses or consoles and it’s fair to say not all of them have been well-received. Some of these games may have contributed to the image of EA Sports as a studio concerned more with cashing in than earning the critical acclaim it currently enjoys. However others have been important titles in the evolution of FIFA, introducing new features and innovations.

So with FIFA 13 released last Friday, Pixel Sport takes a look at some of the stranger football games from EA Sports.


Top 5 Rugby Union games

Rugby fans have been somewhat neglected when it comes to video games. For years we have patiently waited for an oval-balled answer to the FIFA series and all we get in return is the rather disappointing Rugby World Cup 2011. However with the much anticipated Rugby Challenge just around the corner and the Rugby World Cup in full swing down in New Zealand, we decided to take a look at five of the best rugby union games.


Replayed: Rugby 08 (Playstation 2)

Platform: Playstation 2

Publisher: EA Sports

Released: 2007

It speaks volumes about the dearth of quality rugby games in the last four years that Rugby 08 remains the best virtual representation of the sport ever made.

For years, rugby fans have cast envious eyes at football supporters accustomed to being treated to annual updates of their favourite franchises while they have been subjected to infrequent sub-par, feature-thin simulations.

However Rugby 08 has managed to stay afloat of this sea of disappointment with its engaging gameplay and portfolio of licenses making it the closest to the perfect rugby game we’ve ever had.