Playstation Vita

Review: Football Manager Classic 2014 (PS Vita)

Format: Playstation Vita

Developer: Sports Interactive

Publisher: Sega

Be warned, Football Manager Classic 2014 (FMC) is a grower. It’s not as easy to love as the excellent Football Manager Handheld (FMH) series, which has offered wannabe managers the chance to tinker with tactics and shout obscenities at a tiny screen on the commute for a number of years now.

But FMC does offer something more than FMH, which has stagnated in the past few years, offering incremental updates instead of true innovation. It’s just that, like all good relationships, takes a while to get to know and you’ll need to accept and understand its faults and quirks before you can truly appreciate it.



Review: Everybody’s Golf (Playstation Vita)

Everybody’s Golf has been a staple of the Playstation diet ever since it first teed off in 1998 and remains one of Sony’s most popular first party titles. The two PSP versions of the game were well received and it’s therefore no surprise it has been wheeled out for the launch of the shiny new Vita.

This new edition, confusingly the third title in the series to be called Everybody’s Golf, offers the same gameplay, power-ups and cutesy exterior that have contributed to its popularity and is a perfect introduction for newcomers to the series.

However despite improved visuals and some gimmicky uses of the Vita hardware, there is an inescapable feeling that you’ve played this game before.


Review: FIFA Football (PS Vita)

Format: Playstation Vita

Publisher: EA Sports

Up until now, portable football games have struggled to replicate the big screen experience on a handheld. No matter how hard they have tried, they’ve just lacked the modes, graphics and gameplay experience offered by their bigger brothers, even if the PSP proved that it was possible to deliver near-console quality without quite achieving the holy grail.

But FIFA Football is different and after loading, it becomes immediately apparent that this isn’t a half-baked attempt at capitalising on the FIFA name. The presentation is near identical to its console sibling, complete with the same soundtrack, licenses and slick menus.